My vision is to give fellow gamers the best possible tools to enhance the experience of playing their favorite games. The in-game fantasy team building modes and pay to win business models are a part of our life now. Gone are the days of spending $50-60 on the game and playing for a year. Now that's the membership to get onto Diamond Dynasty and spend more money or incredible amounts of time. I wanted to provide a solution to help limit the amount of wasted time and make it a lot more fun. I started with Madden but believe in the concept so much I decided to do both games simultaneously.

So I researched, did what I had to do and now here we are. Despite a ton of setbacks to the point I didn't think we would ever launch, I am proud to bring you what I feel is the best site to build your Diamond Dynasty Team. No stub buying necessary, not terms of service needing to be breached. Stubs earned the right way. Help us eliminate botters and middle men who get in the way of stubs getting to the people who deserve them the most. I know the system works, I put my life savings into it. Enjoy MLB The Show Community, I hope everyone has great success.